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Grab Bars, Shower Seats, Bathroom Hardware

We sell grab bars, shower seats, toilet partitions, door hardware, access doors, and office ergonomic hardware. Choose from our wide variety of products for any residential or commercial project. With competitive pricing on a variety of manufacturers including Hewi, JL Industries, Koala, Bradley, and more, we are sure to have the right accessories for your remodeling or new construction project. For specific alternative size needs, we offer our custom stainless steel grab bars to help you complete any project.

  1. stainless steel grab bars

    Grab Bars

    Grab Bars, Bathroom Accessories, Safety Bars and Rails Bathroom Safety

  2. Stainless Steel shower seat

    Shower Seats

    Folding Shower Seats, Bathtub Seats, Benches, Shower Stool, ADA Seats

  3. In Corner Stalls

    Restroom Stalls Partitions

    Toilet Partitions, Bathroom Stalls, Toilet Compartments, and Hardware

  4. Roof Hatch Safety Rails

    Access Panels & Doors

    Access Doors, Access Panels, Roof Hatches, Floor Doors, Smoke Vents

  5. full recessed fire extinguisher cabinets

    Fire Extinguisher Cabs

    Fire Extinguishers, Cabinets, AED Cabinets and Difibrillators

  6. PBA Marine Grade Stainless Steel & Nylon Wall Mounted Fold Up Shower Seat

    Bathroom Accessories

    Bathroom and Washroom Accessories, Bathroom Hardware, Grab Bars, Hooks

  7. Koala Kare Products Child Protection Seat

    Baby Changing Stations

    Baby Changing Stations, Diaper Decks from Koala and Safe Strap

  8. Becker Beschlaege

    Handles Knobs & Pulls

    Handles, Knobs, Pulls, Bathroom Hardware

  9. Door Hardware

    Door Hardware

    Door Hardware, Locks, Hinges, Door Stops, Kick Plates, Door Knockers

  10. Hewi Grab Bars

    Hewi USA

    Hewi Hardware, Washroom Accessories, Cabinet and Bathroom Hardware

  11. architectural panels and doors

    Architectural Hardware

    Architectural Hardware, Door Hardware, Sliding Door Hardware

  12. Power Data Grommets

    Office Ergonomics

    Office Ergonomics, Power Data Grommets, Table Legs and Bases, Nova

GrabBarsOnline.com is dedicated to helping you complete any restroom, office, or public area. We offer endless hoices of grab bars, shower seats, and restroom stall configurations, as well as ADA approved hardware to make areas easily accessible for everyone. Not sure where to begin? View our ADA compliant toilet partitions to begin adding privacy, accessibility, and durability to any public restroom.