Hewi Grab Bars

HEWI Grab bars, Bathroom Accessories and Door Hardware

We sell HEWI Nylon Bathroom Accessories and Door Hardware at GrabbarsOnline.com. HEWI is the gold standard in European designed bath accessories. They are most famous in the U.S. for their nylon bathroom accessories, grab bars, and shower seats. If you are looking to replace existing HEWI Nylon Accessories and Door Hardware or start fresh with a new installation or remodel, give us a call for the finest HEWI hardware available. HEWI Nylon Accessories also serve as an attractive complement to Koala Kare Products Baby Changing Stations and Child Safety Products.

HEWI’s entire line of bathroom accessories is available from GrabbarsOnline.com including their stylish LifeSystem collection. We can also special order any HEWI bathroom accessories that are not currently available in the U.S. If you have a HEWI catalog or visit HEWI’s website, let us know what you are looking for and place a special order. It’s that easy. For customers on a tight budget, we also offer stainless steel grab bars that provide high quality support at a fraction of the cost of HEWI grab bars. Let us give you a hand with your next bathroom remodel or construction project.