PBA custom grab bar

PBA Grab Bars and Safety Rails

PBA offers fine Italian made grab bars with a strong, anti-corrosive aluminum core. Nylon is superior to stainless steel in aesthetic and in texture. No longer will you have to endure the cold feel of stainless steel grab bars. PBA Nylon Grab Bars are warm to the touch and more comfortable to hold for the user. In addition to the support of PBA Nylon Grab Bars, consider adding matching PBA Nylon Shower Seats to your bathroom tub or shower area.

Our line of PBA Nylon Grab Bars meets all ADA regulations and is great for any remodeling or new construction projects. We offer a large number of reliable PBA Grab Bars great for residential bathrooms, commercial restrooms, restaurants, schools, and office buildings. Consider using PBA Nylon Grab Bars with our wide selection of Restroom Toilet and Shower Partitions. GrabbarsOnline.com provides ADA approved grab bars to make all commercial and residential construction projects handicapped accessible.