Koala Kare Products Child Protection Seat

Koala Baby Changing Stations & Diaper Dispensers

For any parent, the safety and comfort of their child is of paramount importance as is availability of facilities to care for their child. To meet the requirements of parents for your retail or other commercial property, consider including Koala Kare Products child safety products – the best products currently on the market for childcare and safety – when you purchase Bathroom Accessories and Toilet Partitions for your remodel or new construction project.

The Koala Kare Products Horizontal Baby Changing Station is a mainstay in many commercial restrooms. In addition to baby changing stations, we also sell diaper and bed liner dispensers, child booster seats for restaurants and cinemas, high chairs, child protection seats, and boxed diapers and bed liners. We can meet any of your childcare needs with high quality products from Koala Kare Products. Contact GrabbarsOnline.com for assistance on your next commercial project.