Custom Stainless Steel Grab Bars offers custom stainless steel grab bars and handrails to be designed and configured to meet the accessibility needs of public and private bathrooms and showers. Grab bar dimensions can be both shortened and lengthened to accommodate unique wall configurations and space restrictions in bathrooms that were not originally constructed with ADA access in mind. To get started on your custom stainless steel grab bar project please first visit our standard stainless steel grab bar and safety rails section for ideas and to select a basis for your design, and then contact us to discuss what custom changes need to be made.

Or for truly unique custom grab bar applications, you may also send us a sketch of an original design or layout for your stainless steel grab bar and we can create a custom grab bar configuration based on your drawing. The circumstances surrounding the need for custom stainless steel grab bars is never a pleasant experience, and whether you need grab bars and safety handrails now or are merely planning for the future, our goal is to make the custom design process as smooth and worry-free as possible. Be sure to also visit our stainless steel and nylon shower and bathtub seats for safe shower and tub access in both residential bathrooms and public showers or locker rooms.

Call or email Rick to get pricing on your bathroom project.

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