PBA Marine Grade Stainless Steel & Nylon Wall Mounted Fold Up Shower Seat

PBA Nylon Shower Seats

Our PBA Nylon Shower Seats, featuring an anti-corrosive steel core, provide strength and support for the elderly and disabled who are unable to stand in a shower. The warm to the touch attribute of our high quality nylon seats makes them a worthwhile upgrade from cold stainless steel seats. This also makes are nylon seats a top choice for high end hotels and apartment complexes. Complementary PBA Nylon Grab Bars are available in the same colors as the shower seats allowing you to create a cohesive color palette in your bathroom.

We offer reliable folding and hanging shower seats for any bathroom or locker room. A range of size from single to double seats will accommodate users of varied proportions. In addition to our shower seats, complete your bathroom remodel with residential or commercial door hardware. GrabbarsOnline.com has the expertise and resources you need to complete your project on time and within budget.